Expectations and Requirements

Please read the brief description of the specific time requirements and key details below. For an expanded outline of the requirements and expectations, please use this link.

Rotations and Scheduling:

Due to various scheduling issues, the Science of Medicine Selective is only offered during in the 4th year schedule. We aren’t able to accommodate Application Phase students given the nature of the course.  Please see the calendar for specific blocks when this is offered.

A number of 4th year electives can be used to satisfy this requirement. Please refer to this list which can be reached here.  While this is designed to be a 4th year course, not every elective will be appropriate for this selective.  Individuals uncertain of whether their elective might be able to be a Science of Medicine Selective after examining the list should contact the course director.

Specific Time Requirements (for students completing rotations at UNC only):

First Monday of the block at 8:30 AM - Orientation meeting with Drs. Kistler and Ehre- will be followed by a seminar at 9:00 AM (see calendar for location, should be available about two weeks before your rotation begins)

Monday mornings (or Friday afternoons if Monday is a holiday) throughout the block - Seminars (see calendar for specific times, should be available about two weeks before your rotation begins)

Final week of block - Presentations – will be held in AM and then you should report to your clinical work after these are finished.

Key Details:

1. Attendance at the seminars is mandatory. As such, we have arranged with the preceptors from the clinical electives to have you available on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons. The exact times of the seminars may vary, but they will always be on Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

2. The presentation at end of block must be attended in order to successfully complete the course. We will not be flexible in this requirement and allow presentations in other blocks. Pay attention to this requirement in scheduling this rotation as it corresponds to residency interviews! 

3. Attendance at the initial meeting is also required. Exceptions will be granted individually if mitigating circumstances exist and this meeting will be rescheduled at another date pending arrangement with the course director. 

4. Please refer to the absence policy for any questions about missed days. Please note that absences from the seminars must be arranged in advance and will only be accepted for legitimate reasons. Absence from the presentation will not be allowed outside of exceptional circumstances.