Grading and Evaluation

  • Grades for this course are Pass/Fail
  • The final grade is made up of 80% from the preceptor of the clinical elective and 20% from the science of medicine selective, corresponding to the time spent during the month.
  • Science of Medicine Selective grades will be based primarily on the presentation at the end of the block, but also on participation during the seminars.
  • Grades from both components will be combined to determine a final grade.
  • You must have a grade of at least “pass” on both components of the grade to receive a passing grade for the selective as a whole.
  • To receive a Pass, you must have a combined score of ≥ 25th percentile and you must also receive ≥ 25th percentile on each evaluation:

Pass: A combined score ≥25th percentile

*Fail: A combined score < 25th percentile

*Please note that if you receive a Failing score on either the Clinical Evaluation or the Presentation evaluation, you will receive an overall Failing grade for the course.

Sample of Science of Medicine Clinical Evaluation Form

Sample of Science of Medicine Presentation Evaluation Form

Science of Medicine Selective Late Grade Policy

Sample of Student Evaluation of the Science of Medicine Seminars