Grading and Evaluation

            • Grades for this course are Fail, Pass, High Pass and Honors.
              • The final grade is made up of 80% from the preceptor of the clinical elective and 20% from the science of medicine selective, corresponding to the time spent during the month.
                • Science of Medicine Selective grades will be based primarily on the presentation at the end of the block, but also on participation during the seminars.
                  • Grades from both components will be combined to determine a final grade.
                    • You must have a grade of at least “pass” on both components of the grade to receive a passing grade for the selective as a whole.
                        • To receive a Pass, you must have a combined score of ≥ 70th percentile.

                            Pass: A combined score > 70th percentile

                            High Pass:  A combined score > 80th percentile

                            Honors:  A combined score > 90th percentile

                              *Fail: A combined score < 70th percentile


                                    Sample of Science of Medicine Clinical Evaluation Form

                                    Sample of Science of Medicine Presentation Evaluation Form