Walk With Me
Nancy Wang, MD-MPH candidate, Surgery
I Understand
Alicia Schaffer, MS3, Family Medicine
A Fib with RVR
Jake Stein, MS3, Internal Medicine
Christopher Bennett, MS2
Yemeng Lu, MS3, Otolaryngology
Red Lantern
Jenny Shen, MS3, Psychiatry
Blind and Lame, Part 1
Rushil Patel, MS2
Strange Words
Nisha Verma, MS2
Work Hurts
Robert Swendiman, MS3, Surgery
Who is the Teacher?
Megan Campbell, MS1, Pediatrics
Jake Stein, MS3, Internal Medicine
The False Cognate
Alicia Schaffer, MS2, OB/GYN
Amazing Grace
Brad Wood, MS2
New to Spelunking
Daniel Dunlap, MS3
Ms. Jackson and Dr. Broadhead
Sophia Malik, MD-MPH candidate, Family Medicine
Don't Get Sick Like Me.
Stephen Kimmel, MS2
Bathroom Humor
Dan Green, MS3
What Should You Bring on Your International Medical Elective?
Alex Berger, MS4, OB/GYN
One Idea of Heaven
Jason Fishel, MS3, Family Medicine
David DeWeese, MS3, Pediatrics