Submission Guidelines

Read more about submission guidelines for IRIS.

All work must be submitted as attachments via email. DO NOT include your name on the actual submitted work anywhere. Please save your files as: title of work_last name. Please email all submissions to

Deadline for submissions: October 31, 2016

The body of your email should contain

  1. Your name, class year, and specialty interest (or undecided).
  2. Title(s) of your submitted work(s).


    Note: Topics may, but do not have to be, related to the medical field and experiences.


    Written Works:

    We are accepting poetry, short stories, and essays/creative non-fiction. Please follow HIPAA regulations on patient confidentiality where applicable.  Format: Times New Roman, font 12, double-spaced.  Please keep short stories and essays under 14 pages. Submit no more than 1 story/essay and 3 poems at a time.


    Visual Works (photography, art):

    Visual art can be in any format (although we prefer .raw, .png, or .tif files) with the longest dimension at no less than 1000 pixels. Color images will be accepted along with grayscale.  Submit no more than 4 works at a time.



    1. Audio: mp3 or wmv format.  Try to keep duration at under 10 minutes.
    2. Video: mpeg or mov format or link to external page (no attachment needed if linked).  Try to keep duration under 10 minutes.

    Submit no more than 1 work at a time.


    PLEASE: Don’t forget to attach your work!  Email to

    Deadline for submissions: October 31, 2016