Session 13 Wednesday 10 April 10:30-12:00

In Vitro/In Vivo Assessment of Inhaled Drugs: Science and Regulatory Issues for Consideration

Moderators: Myrna Dolovich (McMaster University, Canada) and Omar Usmani (Imperial College, London, UK)

Enhancing Accordance between Outcomes of Laboratory and Clinical Testing of Orally Inhaled Drug Products: Summary of ISAM Pre-Congress Symposium

Gur Jai Pal Singh, PhD
AXAR Pharmaceuticals

Estimating Dose Delivery of Inhalational Therapeutic Products to Children: Current Methods and the Need for Standardized Assessment

Sunalene Devadason, PhD
University of Western Australia
Perth, Australia

Current Methods for Lung Imaging of Aerosol Deposition from Medical Inhalers: Guidelines from the ISAM Task Force Report

John Fleming, PhD
University Hospital Southampton

The Challenge of Relating Scintigraphic Deposition to Pharmacokinetic (pK) Data

Sabine Häußermann, PhD