Session 12 Wednesday 10 April 8:30-10:00

New Strategies for Targeting Aerosol Delivery:  From the Nose to the Deep Lung

Moderators: Andy Clark (Novartis, San Carlos, CA) and Beth Laube (Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, MD)

Drug Delivery to Paranasal Sinuses Using Pulsating Aerosols

Winfried Moller, PhD
Helmholtz Zentrum München

Aerosol Transport Throughout the Conducting Airways: Assessing Conventional and New Delivery Strategies with Computational Models

Worth Longest, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Using Helium-Oxygen to Improve Regional Deposition of Inhaled Particles

Ira Katz, PhD
Air Liquide

Improved Spreading of the Delivered Aerosol by Adjusting the Properties of the Drug Carrier

Tim Corcoran, PhD
University of Pittsburgh