Session 11 Monday 8 April 4:00-5:30

Through the Magnifying Glass: Molecular Approaches to Improve Inhaled Drug Delivery

Moderators: Claus-Michael Lehr (Saarland University, Saarbrueken, Germany) and Peter Gehr (University of Bern, Switzerland)

Getting to the Receptors

Masahiro Sakagami PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Drug Transport Across the Epithelial Barrier: Is it all just Diffusion?

Carsten Ehrhardt PhD
Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland

Delivery of Antigens for Vaccination: Recent Advances and Challenges

Fabian Blank PhD
University of Bern

Tailoring Macrophage Uptake of Inhaled Particles for Pulmonary Delivery Applications (ISAM2013 Student Award)

Tammy Shen
University of North Carolina