Divisions & Staff

OIS is made up of 8 service divisions.  Each division includes a team of people who are dedicated to making the School of Medicine's IT environment efficient and user friendly. Learn more about the services offered and team members by visiting the pages below:

  • Administration
    Learn more about the people who keep the office running!
  • Applications Development
    Services include applications development/consulting, end user support and instructional technology.
  • Classroom Services
    Services include technical and logistical support for the many classrooms and theaters within the School of Medicine, along with video production/video conferencing, instructional technology, and multimedia training.
  • Client Services
    Services include end user support.
  • Information Security & Privacy
    Services include various information security investigations, assessments, disaster recovery planning and computer forensics.
  • Network Services
    Services include network port activation and installation.
  • Systems Administration
    Services include Microsoft Windows and UNIX server administration.
  • Web Design/Development
    Services include web design/development, graphic design, instructional technology, end user support and multimedia training.