Media and Supplies

The following media and supplies are available for purchase. Other hardware can be purchased through OIS via special order.

To request media or supplies, please call OIS Client Client Services at 966-1325 during business hours.

Media and Supplies


Item Cost


Mini DVCam $5.00
Sony DVCam 32 $12.00
Sony DVCam 64 $23.00
Sony DVCam 124 $33.00
Sony DVCam 184 $40.00


Pioneer 4.7G Authoring DVD $17.00
Sony Duplication DVD $8.00


VHS Tape $6.00
SVHS Tape $9.00
HI-8 Tape $9.00
Beta Cam Tape $32.00

Storage Media

Zip Disk $9.00
CD R/W $3.00
CD R $1.00


Network Surge Protector $35.00
Network Cable $11.00

Note: All fees are subject to change. Listed fees are effective as of August 29, 2006.