What is iTunes U?

iTunes U, part of Apple's popular iTunes store, provides a medium for universities to share audio/video with the public including instructional materials (lecture podcasts, audio or video tutorials, etc.), public service/civic engagements, as well as student authored projects.  All content on iTunes U is free to the public.

UNC's iTunes U Implementation

In July 2008, UNC officially launched its public iTunes U site featuring content provided by schools and programs across the university.  The goal was to "not only to provide a foundation for intelligent technology integration with measurable pedagogical impact and campus-wide benefit, but also to serve as a model for intra-campus partnerships and federated governance of a major technology-driven project."

Intended Audience

Content posted to the iTunes U site should be appropriate for a university audience (current/potential students, researchers, and clinical faculty).  Read more in Contribute to iTunes U.

Terms of Use Guidelines

By uploading content into the Carolina iTunes U Site, as an approved provider of content, I do hereby agree to the following terms and conditions for use of the service:

  1. I certify that the content complies with the University’s Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. The contributions to this content (including any music, graphics, or other elements) are owned by:
    • the public domain;
    • the University;
    • the provider; or
    • an authorized third party (e.g. student in provider’s course).
  3. Authority to use content:
    • For all content owned by provider, provider grants a non-exclusive, royalty-free, perpetual right to post the content on the iTunes site or any similar University distribution channel.
    • For all content owned by third party, provider represents and warrants that provider has the right to grant, and hereby does grant, University right to post the content on the iTunes site or any similar University distribution channel.
  4. The content I am posting is intended for public use (no Digital Rights Management permitted, per the terms of Apple’s service agreement).
  5. Provider will receive no compensation for posted content.
  6. Apple, Inc., the University, and iTunes U Local Administrators retain the right to remove posted content for any reason, as they see fit.