Classroom Computers

Most rooms are equipped with a Windows 7 Computer for your convenience. The computers have access to the Internet and have programs that you may find useful for your courses or presentations.

Computer Specifications

The minimum specifications of the computers are:

 Select rooms also have wireless keyboards, wireless mice, and presentation slide advancers.

Touchscreen PCs

Some auditoriums/lecture halls are equipped with new PCs with multi-touch screens. This will enable faculty to use tools in Microsoft PowerPoint to annotate over slides, draw diagrams, and much more. It will also allow Microsoft PowerPoint Presenter View by showing notes on the computer monitor and the presentation on the projection screen. To find specific locations, use the room search tool and select "Touchscreen" as the Built-in Computer type.

Software Available

Office/Presentation Software

Class Software:


Communication Software

Web Browser

UNC Health Care

Additional software may be installed by presenters provided it not violate the terms of their license agreement. This software will be removed at the next restart of the computer. If you have a recurring program/class that requires software in a room, contact Classroom Support at to see if long-term installation is an option.


For security and to maintain the system's image, DeepFreeze software resets the computer to its original state after a restart and at the end of each day. Any files that have been saved to the computer or any software that has been installed will be deleted. Presenters with recurring events may make use of the File Storage Area  to retain files for longer periods, however access cannot be guaranteed, and presenters should always bring a backup copy. A shortcut to the File Storage Area is on the desktop.