Eligiblity and IVB Award

Who is eligible:

First year or second year graduate students who are currently working or planning to work on vascular biology-related projects. You have to be a US citizen or a permanent resident to receive financial support from the training grant.


Up to three years of stipend, and a travel allowance to attend a national meeting or to visit an outside institution to perform collaborative research each year.

Number of new positions:

Variable from two to four new trainees per year. Total of 11 trainees are supported by the training grant in any given year.

The IVB program may accept some other students, although financial supports are not available. Examples are:

  1. Students who are supported by individual fellowships such as from AHA, NSF and NIH.
  2. Dedicated students who wish to earn credits toward the UNC Cardiovascular Biology Certificate Program (Director: Dr. Chris Mack). Please send inquiries to Dr. Mack regarding the Certificate Program (christopher_mack@med.unc.edu).

Send inquiries regarding the IVB program to:

Dr. Nobuyo Maeda


Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

Phone: (919) 966-6914

Email: nobuyo@med.unc.edu