Éxito for Undergraduates

Undergraduates are afforded the opportunity to work along side medical students to create a network of resources that will ease their journey into the medical profession. Participants will be afforded the opportunity to shadow Latino physicians and gain invaluable information pertaining to overcoming obstacles relevant to the Latino journey into the medical profession. Other opportunities include an annual Cadaver Tour where undergraduate begin to learn empathy for patients, learn the value of dissection lab, and even experience the lab itself! There will be MCAT prep workshops, personal statement seminars, advice on the application process, financial aid work, and leadership opportunities. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Unfortunately we have a limited number of mentors so we require that students fill out a short application and submit it to: unclmsa1@gmail.com. Applications are due July 15th. Phone or in person interviews follow and decisions are made by August 1st. Please see "Forms" tab in horizontal navigation bar above for appropriate paperwork.

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