Event Schedule 2016

Event photos from April 15, 2016 available 

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All Mayer Inductees are asked to attend the luncheon for induction followed by an afternoon poster session.

Community Service Day will occur as part of the new integrated curriculum. Students in particular classes will attend the morning panel and reflection as part of their required curriculum, (Mayer inductees from other classes are welcome to attend, but not mandatory).


8:30-9:30am – Panel discussion on Community Service - moderated by the Mayer Society Leaders

-          Old Clinic Auditorium 4008

9:30-9:45am – 15 minutes to reflect on challenges of community service in small groups

-          Bondurant & MacNider 

12:00-1:00pm– Induction  for  Mayer Inductees from every year 

-         Old Clinic Auditorium Auditorium 4008

-          Lunch provided by Heavenly

-          Welcome

-          Oral Presentations by Nicole Damari, Rebecca Flint, Judd Heideman, Shimena Li, and Neha Verma

-          Awards (Allcott & Salber-Phillips)

-          Schweitzer recognition

-          Students drop off posters for afternoon presentation

4:30-6:00pm - Poster Session - for Mayer inductees from all years  

-          Bondurant G10 & G30 or outside in courtyard depending on weather 

-          Light refreshments provided by Heavenly