Email Consolidation & Migration (via Microsoft Exchange)

The Email Consolidation and Migration component entails migrating all School of Medicine users to the Microsoft Exchange environment enabling a seamless, integrated email and calendar experience.  For this component, OIS technicians will work with you to migrate your users.  Our goal is to migrate all users by the March 2011. 

In addition to the Exchange migration, we also recommend that each users' workstation(s) be transferred over to main campus' domain (AD Migration).  This move will ensure that users have minimal logins when accessing/managing emails and calendars.  Joining main campus' domain is also extremely beneficial to those users who would like to use Microsoft SharePoint (minimizes logins).

Learn more:

  • What is Microsoft Exchange?
    Learn more about how Microsoft Exchange (in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook) will help improve your business processes via integrated email and calendaring.
  • The Migration Process
    Read about the migration process including how to get started.
  • Timelines and Migration Status
    Learn about this component's timelines and find out who we've migrated (and who is next on our list)!
  • Help with your group's migration
    With over 8000 users in the School of Medicine, we'll need help from you to meet our 2010 end of year deadline!  There are two ways you can get involved:  1) help us plan/coordinate your group's migration and/or 2) if you are a technician, help us migrate your group/organization.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 User Guide
    Microsoft Outlook (the recommended email/calendaring client for the Microsoft Exchange environment) gives you a plethora of communication and collaboration features. To learn more about Microsoft Outlook including features and how-tos, take a look at the Microsoft Outlook 2007 User Guide.