Help with your group's migration

Help us plan/coordinate the migration for your group

Migrating a group over to main campus' mail system/domain requires advanced knowledge of group/user dynamics including determining logical groups of people to migrate together, gathering information about individual user's computers, and creating an overall inventory of resources (e.g., network drives, etc.) that the users utilize. Although we can collect some of the information without ever talking to the group/user, we still need someone with organizational knowledge to help to provide information about the group and even help collect some of the user information.  If you are interested in helping us plan/coordinate your groups' migration, please contact Ken Langley.

Technicians: Help us migrate your group/organization

Are you a technician or otherwise technically savvy?  We welcome help from technicians across the school to help with your group's migration.  We have carefully documented the migration process and can provide you with minimal training to get your group started.  If you are interested in taking the lead in your group's migration and/or working along side our technicians to migrate your users, please contact Ken Langley.