What is Microsoft Exchange?

The Microsoft Exchange server stores your mail, calendar, and other communications data.  Microsoft Exchange, coupled with Microsoft Outlook (the recommended email client) gives you a plethora of communication and collaboration features.  For instance, you can share calendars and coordinate meetings with others on the Exchange system (i.e., no more coordinating meeting via phone!).  You can access a global address book that includes all UNC faculty, staff, and students.  You can easily access your calendar and email when you are away from your desk via a web browser.  For more information about Outlook/Exchange features, take a look at the Outlook 2007 User Guide

The benefits of Microsoft Exchange include:

  • Integrated e-mail and calendar
  • Anywhere access
  • Rock-solid PDA integration
  • Improved quality of service and security
  • More efficient operationally to deploy, manage and maintain.