Lab Policies and Procedures

Lab and Computer Use

  • The Faculty Multimedia Development Lab is primarily for faculty and staff use. Faculty and staff working on multimedia materials will be given preference in using all equipment. Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm; closed noon-1pm and Tuesday afternoons.
  • Classes are only open to faculty and staff. Students may attend only with prior arrangement.
  • Faculty and staff may borrow or purchase storage media and other materials from the lab such as zip disks, CD-Rs, and glossy paper only with an account number. Please ask a staff member for a price list.
  • Classes are offered on first come, first served basis. Class sizes are limited. The lab will add extra classes when necessary to meet demand.

Equipment Use

  • Equipment may be checked out by UNC School of Medicine faculty and staff only. Students may only use the equipment with the prior consent of a faculty member (permission may be given in a note or over the phone).
  • We do not check out laptops except as a convenience to those checking out projectors.
  • Equipment may not be taken off campus.
  • Some equipment will only be loaned in exchange for a UNC ID or driver's license.
  • Equipment is due back the same day by 5pm or longer with special prior arrangement.
  • Equipment may be used for project purposes only.
  • Equipment may not be booked more than three weeks in advance.
  • Equipment cannot be checked out for recurring meetings or conferences every week or month.
  • Projectors are for pick-up only, we cannot set them up or go on-site to fix them.