UserID Consolidation & Management


Consolidate UNC School of Medicine’s users’ primary user IDs (SOMid, Domain, and Onyen) so that users will only have to manage one username/password.

What Does UserID Consolidation & Management Entail?

 The UserID Consolidation & Management component will eventually involve converting all systems (e.g., curriculum system, web system, email, etc.) that require SOMid authentication to Onyen authentication.  Once all systems are pointed to Onyen for authentication, you'll just need to remember your Onyen username and password to access School of Medicine resources!


The UserID Consolidation & Management component will be a gradual process throughout this initiative.  As new systems come online that require authentication (or old systems are updated), we'll begin to point to Onyen authentication vs the SOMid.  Once a majority of users using an existing system are migrated (mail and domain migration), we'll repoint that system to Onyen as well.  We've determined that this gradual process will be the least disruptive for School of Medicine users.