Larry Keith Advisory Colleges

The Advisory Colleges is an advising and career and professional development program which was established in 2008 at the UNC School of Medicine.  The program was developed in order to create an organized and structured system of advising whereby students benefit from the ongoing support and wisdom of experienced faculty, educators and role models of professionalism at our institution.  One goal of this program is to foster a relationship between each student and a faculty member where students  receive guidance and counseling in order to be successful in their endeavor to create their own physician identity. Another important goal is building community within the medical school.

Meet the Advisors

To find out more about the Advisory College advisors, please see their advisor biographies.

Meet the Student Advocates

Each college is paired with two student advocates from each year.

Career Goal Advisor

The Advisory College advisor, which will follow a student through all four years of medical school,  is different than a student's career goal advisor. Advisory College advisors focus more on personal development and offer neutral advice on career goal planning.

Careers in Medicine

Students seeking information about careers in medicine should check out the AAMC student site. It has a wealth of information about different specialties, and allows you to figure out where you stand on the Specialty Indecision Scale.


If you would like to make an appointment with your Advisory College advisor, please see our description of the online scheduling system.