Neurologists diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of disease involving the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems. Specific training areas include movement disorders, epilepsy, stroke, critical care, neuromuscular disorders, cognitive disorders and dementia, rehabilitation, and pediatric neurology. And if you are interested in research, there is also fertile ground for exciting projects in neuroscience and funding to support them.

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Residency Director: Kevin Kahn

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October 2008 - Volume 1, Issue 2 (PDF)

Spotlight on Specialties: Neurology
Ask the Advisor: In this issue, we look at the question of lifestyle-more specifically, can you have one as a surgeon?-and just how helpful all those extracurricular activities really are in getting into a good residency program.
CiM Toolbox: The Residency Preference Exercise
Match Corner: Interviewing for Residency