Family Medicine

2012-2013 Longitudinal Family Medicine Clerkship

UNC School of Medicine Asheville Campus

Welcome to the UNC Family Medicine Clerkship.  We will do everything possible to make this your best learning experience ever!  We want you to grow and learn in a supportive, nurturing environment. We have designed this site to help you get the most out of the rotation and we encourage you to use the site frequently to guide your learning.

Key Course Information:

  • Preparing for the rotation: As you start the rotation go to the Overview Tab to to get a sense of the clerkship. Preparation is required in advance of the orientation! Follow the link to find preparation reading and video.
  • Assessment: See Requirements and Grading for more detailed description of grading and the actual grading forms. This will help you better understand expectations and how to prepare. Pay particular attention to the section "Preparing for the OSCE and Written Exam" and make sure you review the powerpoint on how to prepare for the OSCE.
  • Learning during the rotation: See Educational Activities for more detailed description of the major components of the course. You may also find the simplified checklist helpful to clarify expectations for assignments.
  • Feedback: Ask for feedback often. You will also meet with your preceptor in December and March for formal feedback. Please bring completed Self Evaluation and copy of your patient encounter log to that meeting.
  • Clinical Log: You will be required to document that you saw all core clinical conditions and procedures that are part of the rotation in the Clinical Log. This foreshadows documentation requirements that you will be asked to follow the rest of your career. Failure to document in log will delay release of your grade. See Clinical Log tab for more details.

Course Contact Information:

Robyn Latessa, MD

Clerkship Director


Gaye Colvin, MLIS