During the orientation we will provide an overview of the clerkship but will also jump in and begin teaching! The orientation will use a Team Based Learning (TBL) format to introduce concepts of Improving the Health of Populations.

Preparation prior to orientation is essential for the TBL portion of the morning and will affect your final grade. The session will also be better for everyone if everyone has prepared. The preparation readings and video are on the website. The class will take short multiple choice questions called individual and group Readiness Assessment Test (iRAT and gRAT) at the beginning of session that counts towards the final grade. These short quizzes make sure everyone is on the same page as we start the session. The TBL session is a central part of the didactic curriculum and introduces the CARE assignment. Follow link to read in more detail about CARE assignment.

As you prepare, also review the other parts of the website to give you a sense of the goals of the clerkship, how you will learn, and how you will be assessed. Guiding your own learning will be a vital part of your future practice.

A quick note on the topic of learning. We have developed a variety of strategies for you to learn during the clerkship. We hope you find these useful.  In the resources section of the website, we have compiled the best learning tools and resources discovered by students and faculty in past rotations. Material used in the orientation are posted under Resources