This is an exciting time for Family Medicine. Leaders in the U.S. are recognizing the value of primary care and we are excited to show you our discipline and teach you fundamental skills relevant to all disciplines of medicine! During our six week clerkship we will show you the breadth and depth of Family Medicine. If you are considering a career in Family Medicine, you can explore whether this will be a good fit for you and begin to develop the tools needed to be an excellent Family Physician. If you are interested in a different field of medicine, you will develop a wide range of clinical skills that will help you care for patients regardless of the setting. You will also learn how to effectively work with your Family Physician colleagues in the future.

10,000 foot overview of the clerkship

1) You will improve your ability to diagnose and manage common problems (both acute and chronic)

2) You will refine your ability to counsel patients about prevention (using up to date evidence)

3) You will refine your clinical skills (with multiple opportunities for direct observation)

4) You will acquire skills to improve the health of whole populations of patients

Orientation occurs during the continuity orientation week (more details under Orientation ) Most importantly remember that about 2 hours of advanced preparation is required before the FM orientation.