Overview of Educational Activities

You will spend the majority of time with experienced carefully selected MAHEC Family Medicine physicians one half-day per week, seeing about 3 - 5 patients a day, and keeping your clinical logs. What you learn there will be reinforced with didactic practical sessions with Dr. Latessa. In didactic sessions you will focus on OPE of acute problems, video & guideline discussions of chronic illnesses, and TBL about patient-centered care, motivational interviewing, and population health.  You will also have PBL (problem-based learning sessions) focusing on impatient family medicine cases.

This learning will be further reinforced with didactic teaching. A key part of the clerkship is learning how to improve the Health of Populations. Two Team Based Learning (TBL) sessions will introduce you to improving the health of populations of patients as part of the CARE assignment. TBL #1 will happen during orientation. TBL #2 will happen during Wednesday afternoon didactic sessions. You will write a CARE consultation note, but will discuss concepts with Dr. Latessa during didactic sessions and with your preceptor. For students interested in learning more about why team based learning is such an effective teaching strategy follow this link for background on TBL.

Your learning will also be augmented by multiple opportunities to improve your clinical skills through direct observation. As part of the CARE assignment, you will video record yourself practicing motivational interviewing and goal setting with a patient. You will review this recording with your peers. You will also be observed providing care during your Observed Patient Encounter and get direct feedback from Dr. Latessa. Your community preceptor will also be encouraged to watch you directly. Finally your OSCE gives you another opportunity to be observed and get feedback on your clinical skills.

Another didactic small group session during your day back seminars focuses on learning to prioritize multiple competing guideline recommendations in patients with multiple co-morbidities.

The Essentials of Family Medicine textbook was selected to match the educational objectives of the clerkship. You are encouraged to read in depth about the patients you see during the rotation. The Resource section of the clerkship is designed to help you further solidify your learning.