Inpatient Expectations

First Inpatient Week

  1. Rotation will run Monday through Sunday beginning with 6:30 AM rounds in FM resident call room working with senior resident on Medicine service and with the Asheville Hospitalist Group attending physician.
  2. Student should round on their patients admitted the day before and be prepared to present those patients.
  3. In afternoon, student will go with resident and attending to ER to pick-up admissions. The goal is to admit at least two patients per day except on Wednesday. Notes should be written on paper (both admission and progress).  Make three copies of each note: keep one, give a copy to resident and/or attending and one to your outpatient preceptor.
  4. On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, student should stay until resident does check out with night float resident. Students may leave at 5:30 PM all other nights unless they don’t have the required two admissions.
  5. If time allows, the resident will observe the student performing H&P.
  6. To find AHG attending – Go to www.Amion.com - Password: MH AHG. (There’s a space between MH & AHG.)  Attending’s name is under MAHEC Attending.
  7. To find Senior Resident – Go to www.wssweb.com – Click on Asheville FPRP. To sign-in choose MAHEC Medical student, Password: mahec1. Then click “Who Is” tab (should turn white). From dropdown box just below tabs – choose Med Sr. and the date. If you need to get pager number, go to the phonebook tab.  If you have questions, contact Norma (norma.beaty@mahec.net) or Michelle Pittman (michelle.pittman@mahec.net).


Note: Student should continue to go to Wednesday PM didactics and neurology & psychiatry didactics. You will not be expected at Cardiology or radiology lectures.

Second Inpatient Week

  1. Students should carry four patients with primary oversight by senior resident. Students should have first choice on any non-medicare patients.
  2. Notes/Dictation/Orders
    1. For medicare patients, resident must rewrite all notes. Student may not dictate or submit orders.
    2. For non-medicare patients, all student progress notes, admission & discharge dictations can count and orders allowed.

NOTE: Student should let the resident know when orders have been entered so they can be counter signed in a timely fashion.

  1. Dictation instructions:
    1. Always use student dictation number.  NEVER use resident’s number.
    2. b. At beginning of note say:  “This is (your name, MS-IV), dictating for Resident Dr. ___ ____ and Attending Dr. _____ _____.
  2. 4. Rotation ends Saturday at 5:30.