Outpatient Medicine Clinics

Outpatient Medicine Clinic:


Clinic Sessions:

  • Each student will participate in weekly outpatient Internal Medicine clinics consisting of approximately 3 hours of direct patient care, with ½ hour of discussion, and weekly assigned write-ups and “bring-backs.”


  • Each student will work directly with a longitudinal outpatient Internal Medicine preceptor for nine months.  This preceptor’s responsibilities are:
    • To identify a panel of Internal Medicine patients reflecting a broad range of core diagnoses, and obtain each patient’s consent to be entered into the student’s Internal Medicine cohort.
    • To supervise the care of the patients in the student’s Internal Medicine cohort
    • To supervise the student’s learning in Internal Medicine by helping to identify topics for bring-backs, observing histories and physicals, reviewing write-ups, and discussing patients’ care.


Patient Cohort:

  • Each student will follow a cohort of patients in Internal Medicine.  Students and preceptors will review the list periodically to ensure that the diagnoses of the patients represent a broad spectrum of the core syndromes and diagnoses in Internal Medicine, as defined by the CDIM.


  • When possible, students will see these patients when they come for follow-up visits.  At each visit, students will perform the history, physical and problem formulation and present to the preceptor.  The preceptor will verify findings and assist the student in planning and implementation of diagnostic evaluation and therapy.  If the student cannot be present for a visit of a cohort patient, preceptors will try to update students on interim contacts and students will call patients to “check-in”.  When possible, students will be involved in significant consultations and admissions of their cohort patients.