1. To admit and assess at least 12 patients. 
    1. Perform initial history and physical and present to intern-resident team.  When possible, the student should be the first person on the team to interview and examine the patient.
    2. Develop a problem list, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic plan in collaboration with the team.
    3. Write orders (paper) and present to resident for review.
    4. Write up the initial note and place it in the medical record prior to morning report, for review and feedback by the admitting resident who participated in admitting the patient
    5. Present their patients at morning report or on work rounds
    6. Attend resident teaching rounds
    7. Round each day on the patient and write a note for inclusion in notepack.


  1. To actively participate in all of the resident teaching and learning venues while in the hospital including morning report, radiology rounds, noon conference, and attending rounds.


  1. All notes will be presented to the student’s continuity preceptor as well as the inpatient attending for the month. Notes will be presented in the form of a note pack containing admission H&P and daily notes.