Requirements/ Grading


The following are the components of the final grade:

Ambulatory Preceptor Evaluation:                   50%

Inpatient Faculty Evaluation:                           15%

Didactics:                                                           5%

OSCE                                                                  5%

NBME Shelf Exam IP:                                         10%

NBME Shelf Exam OP:                                        10%

Final Notepack Review:                                      5%

Outpatient Component

Students will be expected to write and hand in one outpatient note each week to their outpatient preceptor. Students should keep copies of notes in a notepack. This will contain all notes written on all patients.  On a quarterly basis preceptors will meet with students to review notepacks as well as to review patient logs and to discuss goals for the next quarter.


Inpatient Component

At the end of every call night the admitting resident will briefly meet with the student to give feedback on performance and areas for improvement.  Input also may be given by the attending physician at attending rounds.  Formal evaluation sheets will be filled out by residents and attending physicians.

Dates for the quarterly student-preceptor meetings will be scheduled by the student and preceptor.


NBME Medicine SHELF exam

Like other HMS students in internal medicine clerkship, students will complete a medical knowledge examination. For this purpose, Asheville students will take both the Ambulatory and Inpatient SHELF exams at the end of the year. To receive an Honors grade, students must score above the UNC yearly mean for each individual exam.  All students are required to receive a NBME/Shelf test score that is at or above the 10th percentile based on the yearly average provided by NBME. As student who scores less than the 10th percentile on the Shelf exam, but otherwise has a passing grade overall will receive a Conditional grade. The student will need to retake the Shelf exam. If the student receives a sufficient score on the repeat exam, the clerkship grade will be converted to a Conditional Pass grade.  determining an overall grade in the clerkship.