Reading Topics

Reading topics

– Endocarditis - UTI/pyelonephritis – Cellulitis - Classic HIV complications (e.g. PCP, toxo, crypto) No matter what book(s) you choose to read during the clerkship, a key point is that the more information you can process before the end of the clerkship, the better you will do in life and on the shelf test. At a BARE MINIMUM, make sure you cover the following topics:


Coronary Artery Disease (stable angina and acute coronary syndromes) - Atrial fibrillation - Congestive Heart Failure - Valvular Heart Disease (and associated murmurs) - Cor Pulmonale - Pericardial disease – Hypertension - Chest pain – Syncope - Edema


Pulmonary Function Tests – Dyspnea - Lung Cancer and Pulmonary  -Nodules – COPD – Asthma – Pneumothorax - Pulmonary Embolism - Pleural Effusions – Hemoptysis - Pneumonia


Fluids, Electrolytes, and pH homeostasis - Acute Kidney Injury - Chronic Kidney Disease - Obstructive Uropathy – Nephrolithiasis - Urinalysis interpretation


Thyroid disease - Diseases of the Adrenal and Pituitary Glands - Diabetes Mellitus (including DKA and HHNS)

Gastrointestinal Disease:

GI Bleeding (upper & lower - Peptic Ulcer Disease - Diverticular disease - Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Pancreatitis – Hepatitis - Cirrhosis (including encephalopathy, ascites and varicies) – Jaundice - Alcoholic liver disease/ management of withdrawal


Monoarticular vs Polyarticular arthritis – RA – SLE - Vasculitis


Anemia - Platelet disorders – Coagulopathies - Leukemia and Lymphoma - Multiple Myeloma - Lung, colon, breast, prostate cancer

Infectious Disease:

Feve - Antimicrobial Therapy - Septic  - Shock – Meningitis – Pneumonia – Tuberculosis

Reading Options: Everyone learns in a different manner. It is worth spending some time in the library using different resources to find out what is the best source for you to learn.


Book Suggestions:

Kochars' Clinical Medicine for Students, Fifth Edition

Harrison's Internal Medicine

Principles of Ambulatory Medicine

Internal Medicine Clerkship Guide, Third Edition