Neurology Clerkship

Welcome to the Longitudinal Neurology Clerkship

This is an exciting time to be a part of Neurology. Recent advances in the understanding of diseases of the nervous system are expanding our ability to help patients. New technologies, particularly in neuroimaging, are enhancing our ability to localize and define neurological disorders. An ever-expanding array of treatment options allows neurologists to make a substantive impact in their patients’ quality of life and longevity. For those who enjoy diagnostic conundrums, the practice of neurology is a challenge. It remains a discipline that requires detailed and accurate history taking and physical examination skills; a discipline in which a diagnosis can be made given enough knowledge of applied anatomy and pathology. In other words, good “detective work” is essential to the practice of neurology. For those interested in primary care, a good foundation in Neurology is critical.

During this clerkship you will be taught the elements of a good neurological history and physical examination. You will learn to interpret your findings and to develop a differential diagnosis based on those findings. You will learn the appropriate use of diagnostic testing to verify or clarify a diagnosis and you will learn the basics of neurological therapeutics. This will be accomplished by direct patient contact in clinics and hospital services, by informal teaching rounds, and by a series of didactic case-based conferences and computerized learning modules. Regular reading from the Neurology Pre-Test book and Case Files book is essential to support and reinforce the clinical experience and to get the most out of the clerkship. For most of you, this will be your only clinical exposure to disorders of the nervous system, disorders that all of you will confront in your careers. So, now is the time! Enjoy the and learn a lot.