The Longitudinal Neurology Clerkship Curriculum is made up of both an experiential learning component and a didactic component.


The experiential component includes working in the both in-patient and out-patient settings as assigned.

The didactic component is made up of a series of assigned case readings, practice questions, and video cases, computer based self learning modules, small discussion groups, a case based lecture series. These activities were carefully designed to reinforce and strengthen competence in all of the above listed competencies.  Assigned reading form the Neurology Case Files and Neurology Pre-Test books as well as the video cases are expected to be done BEFORE the lecture it is associated with.  Professionalism and interpersonal skills competencies are addressed in small group discussions.



Expectations for Neurology Clerkship Team Members

Neurology Clerkship Students are expected to:

  • Punctually attend all assigned clinics, rounds, and didactic sessions (detailed schedule on Asheville Campus website)
  • Complete all written and computer based assignments on time
  • Complete all required documentation on one45 and complete Asheville Campus clinical log, which needs to be kept up to date before monthly reports
  • Comply with HIPPA and Infection Control policies at all times
  • Comply with the UNC-SOM dress code
  • Contact course director and preceptor before absence or tardiness to be excused
  • Use of respectful language, tone of voice and body language at all times
  • Participate in all activities designed to teach and assess the Neurology Clerkship Competencies

Neurology Faculty on Medical Student Teams are expected to:

  • Closely supervise and facilitate interactions between clinical clerks and patients/
  • Meet periodically  outside of clinic hours to address educational needs specific to the students’ level of training
  • Assess student performance on oral presentation, clinical reasoning, and professional behaviors on one45
  • Discuss the student’s individual progress and level of performance each mid-evaluation point
  • Foster a positive and productive educational environment for students
  • Model behaviors which demonstrate mastery of the UNC-SOM Core Competencies