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UNC SOM Asheville Administration


Robyn Latessa MD                                          

  • Assistant Dean & Director                     Office: 828-771-3429            
  • Overall responsibility of campus and student affairs, direct contact with students and faculty, liaison between UNC SOM and Asheville campus.

 Sandy Whitlock MD (.20 FTE)                        Office:  828-771-3433

  •  Assistant Director                                                                                     
  • Didactics integration & preceptor development, and other activities, as deemed appropriate

 Gaye Colvin MLIS (.75 FTE)

  • Director of Student Affairs                       Office: 828-771-3434        
  • Responsible for all aspects of students’ medical/health/safety concerns, academic records, grading, evaluations, one45, & oversight of shelf exams, affiliation agreements, onboarding & credentialing

 Jessica Poston

  • Director of Curriculum                              Office: 828-771-3468
  • Management of curriculum, orientation, inpatient & longitudinal student schedules & Google calendars, ED schedules

 Terri Ippolito

  • Program & Fiscal Coordinator                Office: 828-771-3433        
  • Responsible for managing schedule for Dr. Latessa, preceptor contracts, preceptor payments & all financial transactions, didactic schedule/meetings, annual recruitment

Amanda Greene MPA (.25 FTE)

  • Director of 4th Year Programming         Office: 828-771-4225        
  • Coordination of 4th year planning and scheduling, annual review/update/approval of courses with UNC SOM, counseling of students on best course choices, turning in final schedules to UNC SOM

Lisa Keiber (.25 FTE)

  •  Program Assistant                                     Office: 828-771-4430        
  • Processes faculty appointments, coordinates alumni and preceptor newsletters