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Student Quotes

Ronnie Milam - UNC’s Charlotte program has been a vital experience for me as I transitioned to my skills I will need to function efficiently as an intern.  I know the program has prepared me well for my residency and professional career to follow.  There is tremendous one-on-one learning with attending and residents at CMC which sets it apart from other programs where medical students can easily be overlooked.  This is a huge benefit for a medical student’s clinical learning experience.

Jennifer Christie - "In the Charlotte program, I received excellent support and mentorship from the residents. I felt like I was a part of the team. What I appreciate most about the Charlotte program is the student friendly environment! Dr. Jacobs is an excellent attending. He equips students with the ability take ownership and responsibility of their patients. Dr. Foster is an awesome attending and role model. She relates well with both patients and students."

Thomas Gavigan - "The CMC Charlotte Program has been a great introduction to my clinical medical education.  From day one, we have been expected to see patients, present during rounds and be a contributing member of our team.  I feel there are high expectations for us as medical students, and rightfully so; this is the foundation of our careers in clinical medicine.  The experience, opportunities and people at CMC have been fantastic."

General Surgery: “Dr. Hanlon went above and beyond to make sure I had a great learning experience on the clerkship. He made time each day to teach. He made sure I could scrub in on many cases, and when I had to give a presentation at conference, he met me after we finished working for the day to help me prepare. Furthermore, he set a great example of how to be a great doctor. He was always diligent and empathetic towards his patients, even at 4:00 in the morning.”

General Surgery: “I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Denny. I truly enjoyed working with him. He made an effort to teach during rounds and in the OR. He saw every opportunity as a teaching moment and used it as such. He even provided me with a lecture on kidney transplantation. He created a relaxed, yet professional environment in the OR…With 3rd year being self-directed in terms of learning, I definitely appreciated having an attending who took time out to foster learning in a structured manner.”

Family Medicine: “Dr. White is a very committed physician and teacher. He is a valuable asset to his community not only for his patients and staff, but for aspiring physicians in training as well! I cannot say enough good things about him. He actively pursued teaching points and made extra efforts to ensure that I was getting the most out of my time with the most interesting patients possible at his clinic. He pushed me to always improve and allowed me to assume a lot of autonomy and responsibility for each patient. He encouraged me to assume continuity of care roles, asking me to call patients to follow up on lab results and discharge instructions. I honestly can say that I learned something every day I was with him and I sincerely hope to incorporate much of his own style of practice into my own as I grow as a physician. One of the best preceptors I have had!”

Psychiatry: “Dr. Mundle is one of the best attending I have had the great fortune of working with as an MS3. She is a tremendous advocate for both her patients and her students. She consistently went above and beyond to ensure that each of her students had every opportunity to make the very most out of their rotation at CMC-Randolph. She is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her and learned a tremendous amount of psychiatric medicine from her. She was always enthusiastic, exuding a positive attitude that was contagious and enhanced our learning atmosphere. I would absolutely enjoy having the opportunity to work with Dr. Mundle again in the future.”

Internal Medicine: “Dr. Roach was wonderful to work with. The most important thing that I appreciated was that he has not forgotten what it means to be a 3rd year. He continuously provided tips on how to perform better on the rotation. He provided me with resources that he thought would be helpful. I really enjoyed working with Dr. Roach.”

Internal Medicine: “Dr. Bianchi was a wonderful attending that I had for my internal medicine rotation. He exhibited kindness towards patients and all members of the team, patience when working with students, and enthusiastic attitude about teaching. Dr. Bianchi’s lectures were very informative. He is a great role model of a physician.

Pediatrics: “Dr. Davies was an excellent resident that I worked with. She is very knowledgeable and has excellent rapport with her patients that I hope to be able to achieve as I continue to grow in my own medical career. She actively included me in the decision making process of patient care for our patients which really allowed me to make decisions, mistakes, corrections and lasting clinical skills. I am very grateful to have had her as both a mentor and role model for how to practice patient-centered medicine.”

Pediatrics & Family Medicine: “Dr. Emerson went above and beyond to sincerely incorporate myself and other students into clinical decision making and constantly made an effort to find valuable teaching opportunities for me. He consistently gave constructive feedback and helped me to always improve each day I was on the wards. I really fed off of his own desire to constantly and actively strive for self-directed learning with each patient. I sincerely hope to incorporate much of his clinical patient-centered approach to medicine into my own practice. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and work alongside Dr. Emerson.”

Pediatrics: “Dr. Wallace is one of the best physicians I have worked with as a 3rd year medical student. She repeatedly went above and beyond to ensure that each student was expanding their clinical knowledge. If there was any downtime between patients, she would reach out to me saying ‘” What would you like to learn about today?’” We would talk through our research topics together. I really appreciate how proactive she was with helping me to get the most out of my pediatrics rotation. I sincerely hope to work with other physicians like her. For me, she has truly set very high expectations for future physicians I will work with throughout the rest of my career, as a student and a practicing physician myself.”

OB/GYN: Dr. Bliss treats others around her with a level of respect that makes those around her feel genuinely important. She provides immediate feedback always in a positive way, but never sugar-coats her opinions. She has a serious commitment to enabling medical students working with her to profit maximally from those experiences. She advocates for student participation and really made my week on L&D useful and very interesting. She is an exceptional teacher and constantly went above and beyond to ensure that students were actively learning.

2013 Charlotte Program