Community Preceptors

Patient Centered Care Community Preceptors

As part of the Patient Centered Care courses,  UNC Medical students will spend up to three separate week-long clinical rotations observing and learning from a North Carolina community-based primary care physician, called a preceptor. Students are assigned to community preceptors from one end of the state to the other -- Murphy to Morehead City.

The community preceptors play an important role in the clinical training and mentoring of our medical students. Under the supervision of their community preceptors, students practice their newly developing skills in interviewing, physical examination and presenting. For many students these clinical rotations will mark the first time they have had “hands on” experiences with real patients.

As a token of appreciation for their service, community preceptors receive a small payment through the AHEC system. Preceptors are given adjunct faculty appointments to the UNC School of Medicine and access to the AHEC digital library (ADL). The ADL includes journals and textbooks, databases such as MEDLINE and electronic clinical resource tools including Up-to-Date.

If you know of a North Carolina primary care physician that you’d like to recommend to participate as a UNC Medical school preceptor, please contact Community Preceptor Liaison, Gina Horne at or 919-966-0589.