Laptop Connection and Testing Requirements

The following items must be completed in order to access the School of Medicine network and the online testing system.

We strongly advise you to complete the following steps prior to the computer connection day during orientation (Monday, August 3). The items below can be completed off-campus and will make the connection process during orientation quicker and easier.  Several of these steps only take a few minutes to complete and the more you do in advance, the sooner you will have access to the network on campus. OIS staff will be on hand in the computer connection session to ensure that these steps have been completed and assist you if you have any problems.

Please note: A laptop computer is required for several orientation sessions. If you do not bring the laptop that you plan to use for the entire school year (e.g. waiting on financial aid funds to purchase a new laptop) it is your responsibility to bring your new laptop by the OIS Help Desk in 65 MacNider to confirm that it is properly configured for online testing.

If you ordered a CCI laptop, many of these steps will already be completed when you pick up your laptop.

  1. Register your device on the UNC network.
    Each device must be registered for wired access on the UNC network.  Please note that after registering your device on the network it could take up to 30 minutes to have access to the network resources.  Also, if your device requires an adapter to connect to a network cable, you must register the adapter to connect to the wired network.
    1. Instructions for Windows (Onyen required)
    2. Instructions for Mac (Onyen required)
  2. Install the Network Access Control (NAC) Assessment Agent
    This software is required to access the School of Medicine wired network and can be downloaded from the UNC Shareware site.  Please note that you can install this software off-campus, but you will not be able to test it until you come to campus and connect to the SOM network.

    Mac Users:
     If the NAC install stops, you should run the installer again, and it generally works during the second attempt.
    1. Install Antivirus Software
      Antivirus software is required to connect to the UNC network.
      1. Recommended for Windows users: Microsoft Security Essentials (Note: Windows 8.x comes with Windows Defender preinstalled and is the recommended antivirus software)
        1. Installation instructions for Windows
      2. Recommended for Mac users: ClamXav
        1. Installation instructions for Mac (Note: Version 2.7.5 is the final free version and any future releases will require a paid license. If you do not wish to upgrade to the paid version, click here for instructions on how to set ClamXav to not auto-upgrade.)
    2. Install Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client
      When off campus, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access certain on-campus resources.
      1. VPN Installation Instructions for Windows and Mac (Onyen required)
        Note to Mac Users:  on the download page, the Cisco AnyConnect download lists that it works with OSX 10.5 – 10.8, but it does work with 10.9 Mavericks 
    3. Install the ExamSoft SofTest software
      You will receive an email from OME Curriculum Support with instructions on how to download, install and register SofTest so you can be prepared to take your upcoming exams this fall.
    4. Install CCI Printing Software
      Students can use their personal devices to send print jobs from anywhere and pick them up in any of the CCI Print Stations across campus.
      1. Information about CCI Printing
      2. Installation instructions for Windows
      3. Installation instructions for Mac
    5. Install Microsoft Office (optional)
      Microsoft Office is available to all students (paid for by student fees).
      1. Download/Installation instructions for Windows/Mac (Onyen required)
    6. Setup Microsoft Outlook for email access (optional)
      Microsoft Outlook is the recommended and supported email client.
      1. Installation instructions for Windows
      2. Installation instructions for Mac
    7. Configure your laptop for automatic updates
      To ensure that your computer is protected, we recommend turning on automatic updates.  DO NOT choose a morning time for updates so that they do not interfere with your exams.
      1. How to configure your Windows laptop for automatic updates
    8. Connect to UNC wireless network (eduroam)
      To connect to the UNC wireless network (eduroam), you must be on campus and first connect to the UNC-Setup wireless network. Once you are connected to the UNC-Setup wireless network, a page with instructions on how to proceed should open. If the page does not open automatically, then please open a web browser and go to and follow the instructions.
      1. Instructions for Windows (Note that Windows 8 RT is not supported with the Eduroam enrollment)
      2. Instructions for Mac (Note that it is recommended to first disable IPV6 for Mac OSX)