Year 2 Course Descriptions

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  • Reproductive Medicine and Genetics (MEDI244)
    • 3 weeks (Mar-Apr)
    • Molecular diagnostics, clinical cytogenetics, birth defects, metabolic disorders, the normal and abnormal menstrual cycle, the pathophysiology and physiology of obstetrics and reproductive organ cancer biology; ethical issues related to genetic testing, prenatal counseling, and options for pregnancy
    • Detailed Course Description
    • Course Directors: Debbie Keelean-Fuller, Anne Steiner, Kathleen Rao, Lori Scanga
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  • Clinical Epidemiology (MEDI220)
    • (meets 23 times—fall semester)
    • Students learn how to 1) ask a focused clinical question, 2) find evidence from the research literature to answer the question, 3) evaluate the validity and applicability of original clinically oriented research articles to answer focused clinical questions, 4) discuss relevant medical data with patients in the context of shared medical decision-making
    • Detailed Course Description
    • Course Directors: Jeffrey Sonis
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  • Humanities and Social Sciences (MEDI231)
    • (meets once a week—either Fall or Spring)
    • This course 1) engages students with humanities and social sciences perspectives on health, illness, and medical care 2) advances understandings of the socio-cultural, historical, legal, ethical and political dimensions of health, illness, and medical care and 3) develops students’ skills in critical thinking, research, writing and presentation.
    • Detailed Course Description
    • Course Director: Jonathan Oberlander
    • Sakai Link: varies by seminar


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