This course is designed to give an overview of hematology and oncology at the level of the second year medical student. The course consists of basic/clinical science lectures combined with relevant laboratory exercises associated with each given hematologic and oncologic disorder.


Objectives and Goals

Lecture material will cover clinical and pathological aspects of hematology and oncology, including:

  1. Anemias, with an emphasis on iron deficiency, B 12/folate deficiency, hemolytic anemia, and sickle cell disease;
  2. Hemostasis and thrombosis, including normal hemostasis, and disorders of abnormal bleeding and clotting;
  3. Disorders of platelet number and function;
  4. Transfusion medicine;
  5. Leukocyte biology;
  6. Acute and chronic leukemias, with an emphasis on molecular pathophysiology;
  7. Myeloproliferative and myelodysplastic syndromes
  8. Lymphomas and plasma cell dyscrasias;
  9. General principles of oncology and cancer biology;
  10. General principles of radiation oncology;
  11. Pediatric tumors and pediatric hematology.