Graduation Requirements

Requirements for the medical degree include seven full-time fourth-year courses, each of four weeks' duration. A full time course has the credit value of six hours, and courses meeting the equivalent may be substituted with advisor approval.

Each student's curriculum must include at least four courses in which the student has primary responsibilities for patient care:

· one in Advanced Practice,
· one as an acting intern in a community hospital,

. an elective at UNC with a basic science component that will count as your Science of Medicine Selective, and
· one in the recognition and care of critically/acutely ill patients

The Advanced Practice Selective requirement must be selected from the series of courses designated APSM (Advanced Practice Selective); the acting internship from the series of courses designated AHEC; the critical care requirement from the series of courses designated SURS (Critical Care/ Surgery Selective); and one elective from the electives list coded as the Science of Medicine Selective. In addition, each student must have three six-credit hour electives. Two three-credit hours are equivalent to one six-credit hour elective. Graduation from the School of Medicine with the degree of Doctor of Medicine is dependent upon the completion of the required and elective curricula in a manner satisfactory to the Student Promotions Committee, acting for the faculty.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill awards degrees in August, December, and May. The School of Medicine has a formal hooding ceremony at the May commencement. In order to be considered by the Student Promotions Committee for graduation, the minimum requirements must be completed by the end of the elective period immediately preceding the degree date.

Students who wish to postpone graduation to take additional courses must obtain permission from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.