General Information

Clerkships at Other Institutions

There are no third year clerkships done outside of UNC or its AHEC Hospitals.

Switching Clerkships with Another Student

Students will be permitted to switch clerkships if they can find a willing partner. Both students will need to meet with Leanne Shook in person to sign an agreement to switch. Our switching period will last one week and will begin after final schedules have been distributed.

Block/Site Scheduling

The block clerkship schedules are completed in the Clerkship & Elective Program Manager’s Office. However, each clinical department’s Clerkship Coordinator does site scheduling within a specific clerkship. All students are required to spend time at our AHEC sites for some of their clerkship experience. A significant amount of time in your third year may be scheduled away from UNC Hospitals. If you have special needs (single parents, married with children, illness), please let the Departmental Clerkship Coordinator know this when you turn in your preference forms for site scheduling.

Enrollment, Tuition and Fees

Tuition in the third year is based on the standard rate if enrolled for 13 or more hours and a reduce rate if enrolled for less than 13 hours. The initial scheduling of third year rotations is handled within the medical school, which must report to the University Registrar’s Office before final registrations are generated. You must pay or defer tuition and fees prior to the deadline set by the University Cashier. If your tuition and fees are not paid or deferred for each term of enrollment, your registration will be cancelled. Enrolled students and Authorized Users will receive an email notification when bills are available in the ConnectCarolina Student Center.

Fees are paid in the Fall and Spring semesters, with Second Summer Session fees billed with Fall semester and First Summer Session fees billed with Spring semester.