Scheduling Timeline


    November 1, 2013 – Students should submit 3rd Year Scheduling Considerations to Leanne Shook.  (This basically asks if student has a need to stay in Chapel Hill due to significant circumstances or if they would like to delay a clerkship)

    Late November/Early December – Students will receive order of clerkship blocks and will have access to the “Site Preference Form” in One45 (Switch will occur immediately following release of block schedules)

    Early December – once block schedules have been released, you will be emailed about when switch will start

    December 10, 2013 – We will have a class meeting to discuss the Site Preference Form and clerkship directors will be there to give brief overview of their clerkships. (12pm in 2204 MBRB)

    January 2014 – Clerkship Site Preference Forms due (completed in One45)

    Late February/Early March – Final schedules will be posted (Site schedule switching will immediately follow)

      Core Requirements

      • Internal Medicine (inpatient) - 8 weeks
      • Surgery - 8 weeks
      • Neurology - 4 weeks
      • Family Medicine - 6 weeks
      • Obstetrics and Gynecology - 6 weeks
      • Pediatrics - 6 weeks
      • Psychiatry - 6 weeks
      • Outpatient Medicine - 4 weeks

      Scheduling Process

      • 3rd year scheduling is a 2 step process
        • Step 1 - Schedule ORDER of Clerkships
        • Step 2 -
          • Each individual clerkship department coordinator schedules site placements for their clerkships.
          • You will have an opportunity in December - January to submit a preference form via One45 to the individual departments for site assignments.
          • If you have housing or circumstances that necessitate you being in a certain area, the site coordinator will try as much as possible to take that into account when scheduling your site placement.
          • Schedules will be released in late February/early March of where you will do your clerkships.
          • You will have an opportunity to swap site schedules.

      Goals of Advisor Meetings

      • Answer questions about the curriculum.
      • Discuss if you want to take an elective in the 3rd year.
      • Discuss whether or not you have an interest in a particular specialty.
      • If you want to take an elective what do you want to take and do you want to take a 2 or 4 week elective? (**Please note that there are implications to doing this option--please discuss the pros and cons with your advisor).
      • Are there special scheduling considerations if thinking about doing year of research or MPH?
      • Advisors have not been instructed on issues relative to site choice--clerkship directors will be available to advise on site selection.

      2 Week Career Exploration Electives

      • Students may do 2-week electives for career exploration.
      • These are graded P/F.
      • Students may do one or two of these within 3rd year.
      • Click here for list of 2-week electives.
      • 2-week electives are available to both 3rd and 4th year students.

      4 Week Career Exploration Electives

      4 Week Electives can be found at the following link 4th Year Electives

        **Possible implications for delaying a core clerkship into 4th year:

        • It is optimal to complete all core requirements before taking Step 2.
        • Many electives/selectives here and away require completion of core requirements.
        • Delayed clerkships will be evenly distributed among the clerkships which means it is possible that you could potentially be delayed 4 weeks or 6 weeks. We are unable to guarantee requests for specific clerkships to delay.
        • Worst case scenario...delay of graduation.