PEDS 428 Career Exploration in Pediatric Nephrology

PEDS 428       Career Exploration in Pediatric Nephrology


Faculty:                  Drs. K. Gibson, W. Conley, M. Ferris, D. Gipson, and W. Primack

Prerequisites:         Completion of pediatrics and medicine clerkships            

Offered:                 All elective periods              

Min. Enrollment:   1           

Max. Enrollment:   1           

Duration:               Two Weeks           

Meeting Place:       (see notes section)               

Credit Hours:         3           


Learning Objectives:

) To perform and interpret urinalysis.

2) To learn etiology, evaluation, and treatment of hypertension in children.

3) To understand the differential diagnosis of acute and chronic glomerulopathies.

4) To understand tubular/acid-based disorders and fluid and electrolyte management.

5) To learn the differential diagnosis of hematuria and proteinuria in children.             


Learning Activities:

This elective will provide an inpatient and outpatient experience in Pediatric Nephrology, including a program of supervised reading and tutorial sessions designed to meet the interests and needs of the student. He/she may have the opportunity to learn about the special techniques of Nephrology including: renal biopsy (along with an understanding of the indications and interpretation), the use of artificial kidney, peritoneal dialysis, and common lab procedures. He/she will work in the outpatient department once a week. He/she will work up approximately

three in-patients a week. He/she will be assigned to the faculty Nephrology consultant in Pediatrics. He/she will attend weekly post clinic conferences and weekly nephrology grand rounds. He/she will also participate in the discussions taking place at the in-patient rounds. Expected hours are Monday through Friday 8-5, no on call or weekend duties are expected.             



The student will be evaluated in several ways: observed procedures, interviewing patients, presentation at case conference, participation in rounds, and patient. Feedback will be given to the students at mid-rotation and at the end of the rotation.


Special Notes:

Visiting students on the first day of rotation, please come to the Front Desk of the Women's Hospital Lobby at 9:00 am and call Kelly Lear. From the phone at the desk, just dial 63172. UNC Students should present to the Green Team rounds on the 6th floor of the Children's Hospital at 8:30 a.m. on the first day.