Electives Information

Electives | 3 electives at 6 credit hours each or a total of 18 elective credit hours

Three elective rotations, each 4 weeks, are required during Individualization Phase.  At least two should be clinical experiences (please note that pathology, radiology are considered clinical experiences). Only one elective credit earned in Foundation or Application Phase may be applied toward the Individualization Phase.  Electives also offer students an opportunity to visit programs that they may want to get to know for residency. 
VSAS is the system by which students apply for a rotation at a different medical school.

Course Director: Dr. Tracy DeSelm and Course Coordinators: Dustin Norris and Leanne Shook

Elective Considerations for Dual Degree Students

  • MD/PhD Program: Can carry over 18 elective credit hours
  • MD/MPH: Can carry over 6 elective credit hours
  • MD/MBA: Can carry over 12 elective credit hours

Electives Opportunities and Course Catalog

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Electives Opportunities for First Year Students

Two Week Career Exploration Electives