Parent Council Roster

Feel free to contact a Parent and Family Council members with any questions or to learn more about the council.

Michelle Wynn
Parent Council Chair
Charlotte, NC
Parent of Cameron Wynn, MD'13
(704) 542-9877
Email Michelle

Paul Miller
Parent Council Vice-Chair
Chapel Hill, NC
Parent of Nathaniel Miller, MD'15
(919) 967-5630
Email Paula

Brock & Mary Baker
Nashville, TN
Parents of Brock Baker, MD'15
(615) 373-3174
Email Brock & Mary

Jean Carter
Raleigh, NC
Parent of Christina Carter, MD'15
(919) 510-0112
Email Jean

Mark & Pam Despotes
Raleigh, NC 
Parents of Alex Despotes, MD'15
(919) 848-8166
Email Pam & Mark

Betsy Dixon
Atherton, CA
Parent of William Dixon, MD'15
(650) 462-1800
Email Betsy

Ursula Hlavacek
Charlotte, NC
Parent of Cindy Hlavacek, MD'15
(704) 366-8545
Email Ursula

Rose Kenyon
Raleigh, NC
Parent of Katharine Kenyon, MD'15
(919) 215-3910
Email Rose

Patrick & Tamara Manhard
Apex, NC 
Parents of Jonathan Manhard, MD'15
(919) 303-1133
Email Patrick & Tamara

Joyce Poe
Charlotte, NC 
Parent of Will Poe, MD'13
(704) 366-1673
Email Joyce

Kelly Mansfield
Medical Foundation Staff
(919) 843-6714
Email Kelly

Marie Baker
Medical Foundation Staff
(919) 966-0019
Email Marie

Dr. Georgette Dent
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Email Dr. Dent

Julie Lucas, MD'14
Parent Council Student Representative