Commencement 2014

Class of 2014 Commencement

Saturday, May 10th, 2014 10:00AM-Noon
Memorial Hall, UNC Campus

Location: Memorial Hall, UNC Main Campus. A searchable campus map can be found here. Information and pictures of the venue can be found here

Graduation Rehearsal: A required rehearsal will be held on Friday, May 9th from 11am - 1pm, location TBD.

Class Photo: Just prior to graduation rehearsal. Please wear school or neutral colors!

Graduation Dress Code Reminder: We have pasted the UNCSOM Dress Code Policy below.  Please remember that you are expected to adhere to this dress code for graduation!

UNC School of Medicine Dress Code Policy

 “Personal neatness and appropriate attire provide an atmosphere of professionalism and inspire confidence in our ability to deliver services.” - UNC GME Policy on Professional Business Attire

 A growing body of evidence shows that a physician’s appearance and attire has a significant influence on patient trust, confidence, and perceived empathy in the doctor-patient relationship1,2,3. Your attire functions as a symbol of competence, expertise, and compassion and is a vital part of the first impression you make on a patient or colleague. Accordingly, all students at the UNC School of Medicine are required to adhere to the following Dress Code Policy.

 Professional settings

A “professional setting” is defined as any one of the following:

-          any environment involving patient contact, including in lecture settings

-          any event hosted by the SOM or UNC Health Care (incl. White Coat Ceremony and scholarship banquets)

-          any event in which a student is representing the SOM

 Students are required to dress professionally in all of the above settings, unless otherwise specified by the administration or supervising faculty or staff. Students are also required to wear a white coat and SOM-issued ID badge at all times while on UNC Health Care premises and/or in any patient care setting, unless otherwise specified.

 Recommended acceptable attire in professional settings includes:

-          collared shirts, button-down shirts, ties, blouses, and sweaters

-          slacks or dress pants, knee-length skirts and dresses

-          close-toed shoes and low-heeled shoes

 Inappropriate attire in professional settings includes:

-          clothing that is excessively tight or revealing

-          denim or casual athletic wear incl. t-shirts, leggings worn as pants, tank tops, sweatpants and hoodies

-          shorts, skorts, or skirts/dresses/pants that fall above the knee

-          clothes bearing offensive messages or images

-          sandals, open-toed shoes, excessively high-heeled or platform shoes, and “finger” shoes.

 NOTE: If you have to ask whether something is appropriate, it most likely is not!

Disciplinary Action

If a student is found to be in violation of the UNC SOM Dress Code, he/she may be sent home by any supervising faculty or staff member. The administration exercises the right to further discipline students who repeatedly violate the dress code, in accordance with procedure for repeated professionalism violations of any kind.


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3. AM Budny, LC Rogers, VJ Mandracchia, S Lascher. The Physician’s Attire and its Influence on Patient Confidence. American Journal of Podiatric Medicine Association March/April 2006.