Senior Fee

Paying Your Senior Fee: it’s the right thing to do.


What is the senior fee?

Once upon a time, graduating students were asked to contribute to the class gift. And then they were nickel-and-dimed throughout the year to help pay for other stuff.  People were annoyed by that, so the class presidents started collecting an all-inclusive graduation fee.


What does my senior fee help cover?

1)      The class gift, which this year will go towards the renovation of the medical student call room!

2)      Graduation-related activities for you and your family: the graduation gala during the week of graduation, and the senior picnic after graduation rehearsal.

3)      Post-Match Day Party, funding Capstone nightly events


OK, well how much is it?

This year, the graduation fee is $75.


Do I look like I’m made of money? Why should I give you $75?

No. We know this year is an expensive one (residency applications, interview travel, a suit that actually fits…) and we really do appreciate it. Making a flat donation means we won’t hit you up to participate in car washes, bake sales, or selling wrapping paper to fundraise for a class gift. And since our MS4 class budget is a big fat $500 this year (thanks, budget cuts), your donation will help us make the last week of med school the best week since the first week of med school.


What happens to me if I don’t?

Given a low turnout in Senior Fees, certain events funded by Senior Fees may be limited to only those students who have paid their Senior Fees. This includes:


OK, fine, where do I send my money?

  • PAY ONLINE via PayPal ( Our PayPal email address is  Just make sure you choose the “I'm sending money to family or friends” option. Because that's what we are (and we don't have the business version of PayPal hehe)!! 
  • PAY WITH YOUR PHONE via Venmo (the app!). You can Venmo Kimmy (username @kimmy-vuong ) or Matt (username @Matt-Waters-1 ) money and we will send you a confirmation email via the MS4 Class President account!
  • PAY WITH CHECK (to the Medical Foundation of North Carolina and write “MS4 Class Account” in the memo line) and
  • Hand your check to either Kimmy or Matt -or- Drop them off at the Medical Alumni Association office -or- Mail them to:
Jan Lovell, Re: MS4 Class Account 
UNC School of Medicine
Office of Medical Alumni Affairs
G050 Bondurant Hall
Campus Box 9530
Chapel Hill, NC 25599

Wait…how do I know you won’t go buy a farm in Kentucky with my money?

We have a separate account for these funds and Jan Lovell will be keeping the account receipts.


Thanks! You all are the best!!!

Kimmy Vuong and Matt Waters

MS4 Class Co-Presidents