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Transportation and Parking

  • Parking is very limited in Chapel Hill. Most parking lots are restricted from 8 am to 5 pm. You must have a specific parking permit to park in these lots. If you park illegally you will probably get a ticket.
  • If you plan on parking your car on campus, you must live outside the minimum distance of two miles from the Bell Tower on campus. Talk to the Department of Public Safety (919-962-3951) to see if you will qualify. Please refer to and follow the Parking link for specific information about applying for a parking permit. Parking permits available to medical students are usually near the Dean Dome in the S11 lot, which is a fifteen-minute walk or a free bus ride (via the U-bus) to the medical school.
  • Parking at Park and Ride lots and riding the bus into campus is a popular choice. There are several park and ride lots with free bus service.
    • Carrboro Plaza at Hwy 54/Main St in Carrboro (Carrboro Plaza Express bus)
    • Southern Village at Hwy 15-501/Dogwood Acres Dr (North/South Express bus)
    • Friday Center at Hwy 54/Friday Center Dr (S bus)
    • Eubanks at Hwy 86/Eubanks Rd (North/South Express bus)
    *For the most up to date Park and Ride information, follow the Alternatives to Parking link on the Transportation website.
  • Chapel Hill Transit Authority is the main bus service on campus and serves many communities in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Many people are able to ride a bus from their homes into Chapel Hill. The bus system is free for everyone.

    Please refer to for detailed maps and schedules for the buses.

    For Orientation, the closest bus stop to the MBRB is the Mary Ellen Jones Building on Manning Drive. The Health Sciences Library on Columbia Street and the Ambulatory Care Center on Mason Farm Rd. are also close stops for bus lines that do not travel down Manning Drive.

  • Biking: Bus lines have bike racks if you want to ride the bus onto campus and then have your bike to travel on campus. Refer to the previously mentioned “Alternatives to Parking” link for additional information on biking to campus.
  • Parking after 5 pm is currently allowed in most lots on campus. However, this may change in the future. Always look to see if parking is allowed before you park your car.
  • Point-to-Point Shuttle: This is an on campus shuttle that runs from dusk until dawn. It serves most of the campus. The “U-bus” and the “Reverse U-bus” circle campus during the day. Refer for details.