The First Year

Advisory Colleges

  • Each student is assigned to an advisory college and will remain in that college throughout their time in medical school.
    • Cefalo College
    • Cross College
    • Dimock College
    • Simkins College
    • Smithies College
    • Williamson College


  • Each of the 6 Advisory Colleges will be paired with two second year medical school Advocates. The Student Advocates will be your guides throughout orientation, useful resources during medical school, and your College Advisory liaison.
    • Alex Plattner - Chief MS2 Advocate
    • Paul McIntosh and George Alyateem - Cefalo College Advocates
    • Anna Fleischman and Chris Iskander- Cross College Advocates
    • Keyonna Williams and Michael Robinson - Dimock College Advocates
    • Caroline Moffett and Bo Nebolisa - Simkins College Advocates
    • Taylor Gunnell and Graham Mulvaney - Smithies College Advocates
    • Caroline Newman and Manny Fanarjian - Williamson College Advocates


College Advisors

  • Each of the 6 advisory colleges is paired with two faculty advisors.
    • Cross College - Ana Felix, MD and Tom Ivester, MD
    • Cefalo College - Alice Chuang, MD and Ed Kernick, DPM
    • Dimock College -  Jonathan Jones, MD and Laura Young, MD, PhD
    • Simkins College - Kenan Penaskovic, MD and Amy Weil, MD
    • Smithies College - Erin Malloy, MD and Moe Lim, MD
    • Williamson College - Roberto Blanco, MD and Tracy DeSelm, MD

    Examinations and Grading

    Laptops and Tech Support

    Each incoming medical student is required to purchase a School of Medicine approved laptop from UNC Student Stores. These laptops come equipped with all you will need for your medical education (including software specific to UNC School of Medicine students).

    Other Services and Resources

    Life Outside of School