Monday, August 4, 2014 


8:00 to 10:00AM: Pick-up ordered computers and technology checklist - Student Stores

11:00 AM: Tour of UNC Campus (meet in front of Bondurant Hall) (optional)

Grab lunch on Franklin Street

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Check in at the Medical Biomolecular Research Building (MBRB)  (special incentives for early check-in!)


1:15 PM: Welcomes - (G202 MBRB)

Judd Heideman and William Oslund, Second Year Class Co-Presidents

William Roper, MD, MPH, Dean for the School of Medicine

Julie Byerley, MD, MPH, Vice Dean for Education

Georgette Dent, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Robert Bashford, MD, Associate Dean for Admissions

Cedric Bright, MD, Director, Office of Special Programs and Assistant Dean for Admissions

Wesley C. Fowler, MD, Associate Dean for Medical Alumni Affairs 

2:00 PM: Patient Presentations Elizabeth Dreesen, MD - (G202 MBRB)

3:15 PM: BREAK

3:30 PM: Advisory College & Advocates IntroductionGeorgette Dent, MD - (G202 MBRB)

    • Advocate Welcome
    • College Reveal 


6:00 PM: Dinner with Groups (Advocates) - See locations - costs will vary - bring your wallet!

See after-hours social events for those night owls!