Thursday, August 7, 2014


9:30 AM: Introduction to Rural Scholars - Robert Bashford, MD - (MBRB G202)

9:45 AM: Introduction to Application Phase - Alice Chuang, MD - (MBRB G202)

10:00 AM: Introduction to Asheville Option - (MBRB G202) 

10:05 AM: Introduction to Charlotte Option - (MBRB G202) 

10:10 AM: Patient PresentationsElizabeth Dreesen, MD - (MBRB G202)


12:00 PM: Lunch on your own and Activities Fair – (MBRB G202)

1:30 PM: Class Meeting - Georgette Dent, MD - (MBRB G202) - (Important Information will be provided and forms will be completed and collected)

    • Shanti Rao and Julia Gray Saunders - Vice Presidents of Student Affairs
    • Gary Gala, MD - SOM Ombudsman - Learning Environment
    • Georgette Dent, MD - Student Health and Wellness
    • Robert Gwyther, MD - Medical Review Officer
    • Brian Blank and Emery Harris - Whitehead Society Co-Presidents

2:30 PM: One45 Overview (Start Line survey and Orientation survey) - Dale Krams and Georgette Dent, MD(MBRB G202) (bring your laptop)


6:00 PM: Durham Bulls Game!