Thursday, August 8, 2013



8:45 AM: "From 3,000 Feet" - Allen O'Barr, MD - (Forrest Theatre)

10:10 AM: Introduction to Rural Scholars - Robert Bashford, MD - (MBRB G202)

10:15 AM: Introduction to Third Year - Alice Chuang, MD - (MBRB G202)

10:25 AM: Introduction to Asheville Option

10:30 AM: Introduction to Charlotte Option

10:35 AM: Patient PresentationsElizabeth Dreesen, MD and Cristin Colford, MD - (MBRB G202)



12:00 PM: Lunch on your own and Activities Fair/Book Sale – MBRB (bring cash for books)

1:30 PM: Welcome from Julie Byerley, MD,MPH, Vice Chair for Education and Pediatric Residency Program Director - (MBRB G202)

1:35 PM: Academic Assistance and Resources/ Careers in Medicine - Deborah Ingersoll, PhD and Cheryl McNeil, MD (MBRB G202)

2:30 PM: MCAT Validity Study - Sue Estroff, PhD and Dale Krams (MBRB G202)

2:45 PM: One45 Overview (Start Line survey and Orientation survey) - Dale Krams and Georgette Dent, MD– (MBRB G202) (bring your laptop)



6:00 PM: Dinner with Colleges (all years) Click here for locations